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stamp exchange    

I can offer worldwide used stamps I need recent used stamps from all countries except USA and Canada

Philatelist From India   

WeDealInAllKindOfIndian&Foreign Stamps.WeAreIntoThisTradeForThelast50Years.PleaseContactUsForAllYourBulkOrRetailRequirements .....WeOfferTheMostCompetitive Prices.YouMayAlsoCallUsAt7982945118,9868657617.Weare placed at Delhi......Thanks

Philatelist Fom Indiar   

Weare intophilately Tradeformorethan the last50 years....WecansupplyallIndian stamps (Mintaswellasused )..Wealsosupplythematic collection ofstamps, First DayCovers, Mint Blocks, Errorsetc.We canalso supplyOthercountriesstamps. Please send your queries at our cell number & we will revert soon.........THANKS


I have for trade :USED: Denmark 1000++ 1 mini sheet, Finland 250 + 1 souvenir sheet, France 280 ++ 1 souvenir sheet, Italy 250 ++, Portugal 249 Stamps including 4 souvenir sheets & 1 Post Card, Yugoslavia 250 + stamps, Viet Nam 200 stamps, 177 Thailand commemoratives and pictorials, 106 Thailand in complete sets, thousands of Japan. Each country to be traded as a lot. Scans available to serious traders.I am interested in trading for **USED only** United Nations (USED only, used in post, NO FDC clippings. Tabs attached. There are usually 4 tabs per sheet. All UN locations: New York, Geneva, Vienna, Kosovo), CEPT (Europa), Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Andorra, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada (circular date stamps only) and St. Pierre & Miquelon **all 2000 to 2019 USED **only in the post. NO CTO and NO FDC Clippings. I will accept a smaller quantity of stamps in trade **IF** they are better value. DDR on covers. No FDC, just normal usage within DDR and overseas. **Please do not offer anything other than what I am interested in**. I am a 25 year member of the APS # 178305 and I do not send first. Registered Mail Only!

mint sheets   

want to buy mint sheets from GUS-Countries from wantlist.

Art series stamps issued by France every year since 1961   

Hii am interested in collecting stamps of France.Topic: Art ( issued everyyear by France from the year 1961)Example : 1961 year .Y&T 1319, 1320, 1321, 1322.I collect Mint, Used and FDCs.There are some missing and if anybody can help, I would be able to complete my collection.ThanksFRENCH TRANSLATION ( Sorry , if there is any mistakes)salutJe suis intéressé par la collecte de timbres de la France.Sujet: Art (publié tous les ans par la France à partir de 1961)Exemple: année 1961. Y & T 1319, 1320, 1321, 1322.Je collectionne la menthe, utilisé et les FDC.Il en manque quelques-uns et si quelqu'un peut m'aider, je pourrais compléter ma réponse.Merci

stamps 3 for 1   

Send me 25 used commemorative stamps 2018-2019 from your country.In return you receive from me 75 used commemorative stamps Nederland 1975-2010 including Christmasstamps and charitystamps, or 75 used commemorative stamps Western-Europe or worldwide, just as you prefer.

used stamps   

I collect used worldwide stamps with topics flora, fauna, bridges, lighthouses, mills. Please do not offer me mint stamps, because I do not collect.I prefer trading with wantlists or scans, but any good proposal for trading is possible.I offer FDC's, mint and used stamps, 20,000 different, all presented on scans and stocklists (Michel numbers) on my website.In stock are stamps from West European countries, also small countries like Faeroer, Monaco, Liechtenstein. Also a nice stock of Canada, Japan and other countries worldwide.


HiI want football world cup and freshwater fish stamps .BEST REGARDS


HiI want football world cup and freshwater fish stamps .BEST REGARDS